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Page last updated: 24 Mar 2019

Item 4 - SOS Help


The ToK SOS Helpline caters for a range of emergencies students often confront when working on their TOK Essays, Presentations or Extended Essays.  Here are some of the things we try to help our students with:

*Understanding the demands of the question
*Knowledge questions linked to the title
*Feedback on choice of examples
*Shaping the Introduction of the Essay/Presentation
*Constructing the Conclusion of the Essay/Presentation
*Developing a Bibliography
*Inserting Footnotes
*Building structure of arguments & counter claims
*Devising an RQ for the Extended Essay
*Reviewing/designing a plan for TOK Essay/Presentation or Extended Essay (up to 500 words)

After ordering this service, simply send us an email to tell us exactly what sort of support you need:

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