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TOK Help for Title 3 Nov 2016




Sorry that I didn’t reply because I’ve been busy lately. But I just wanted to tell you that, following up from the previous email, my teacher actually predicted me a good score for my TOK presentation.


More importantly! I apparently did very well for my TOK essay, thanks to you guys. My teachers predicted me a 9/10 (that was of course after I made changes to the 6/10 essay earlier) and the vice principal congratulated me personally this morning.


So, thanks so much because I couldn’t have done it without your help. I’ll certainly recommend the service to my juniors.





October 2016

TOK Tutorials


IB Toktutor has been of great help to my daughter in her studies for a number of IB subjects. The teachers were not only very knowledgeable, but also excellent at conveying an enthusiasm for their subjects. They were also most accommodating with scheduling lessons. I would recommend them wholeheartedly.


Richard, London


August 2016

TOK Essay Guide and Feedback


Thank you for the guide! It is indeed very helpful and there are decent guidelines which can help me throughout the essay.


Also, I found it extremely difficult in structuring my essay, as I didn't know what to exactly put in the introduction and so on. There was so much to talk in the essay, that I just got lost in structuring it.  However, the TOK Essay mark sheet gave me really helpful feedback to sort out the problems.




July 2016

Extended Essay Help


I was working until the night before the deadline on my EE and a toktutor stayed up to review it for me so that I could revise it and hand it in on time - sorry for pushing it to the last second but thank you so much for the help!


Abel, Moscow


March 2016



Thank you so much for your SOS help - I was just able to meet my deadline for may with your emergency planning help for KQs and examples - couldn't have made it otherwise!


Claudie, Cairo


January 2016© 2010-17

TOK Presentation


Thank you IBTOKTUTOR for all your help.  Three weeks ago,  I didn't have an idea, but your comments on my plan (2 sides of A4) gave me clear direction. Now I just have to do it!


Sophie, Australia


November 2015