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Page last updated: 24 Mar 2019

Submission Guide

Prior to mailing us your TOK Essay or Presentation work, please make sure that your writing conforms to the following guidelines.   We have designed these rules to help make the marking process more efficient and swift.


1. Create a front cover sheet to include the following information:


  • Essay title/Presentation topic

  • Your full name

  • Your existing email address

  • Exact word count

  • Date of submission


2. Margins should be as follows:  


  • Top: 3cm

  • Bottom: 3 cm

  • Left : 4cm

  • Right: 1.5 cm


3. Line-spacing should be as follows:


  • Title page, footnotes and bibliography (and abstract, acknowledgements and contents in an Extended Essay): single-spaced lines

  • Main text: 1.5 lines


4. Only use the font Ariel  - size 12


5. Your name and email address should be on the top left of each page


6. Number your pages on the top right of each page


7. Attach MS Word files compatible with either MS Office 2003-10 or the latest version.


8. Save your file with the following name:


TER_exam session_title_date


eg. For an essay submitted for the May exam session: TER_may2018_Q1_may13© 2010-19