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Page last updated: 24 Mar 2019

Use this page to arrange immediate help for all SOS emergencies relating to your TOK work.  While we aim to reply IN THE SAME DAY as your problem arises, this can only work if you are efficient in submitting your query.


Therefore, SOS submissions for emergency help with your essays and presentations should follow the same format as outlined on the 'Submission Guide' page.


If you have created a powerpoint slide show for your presentation, we will only require the notes or script you have prepared - please do not send us the whole slide show.


Once you have decided which service or combination of SOS services you require, click the 'SOS Helpline' below and send us your work.


Alternatively, if you're not quite sure of which emergency service you need, please email us : - subject line: 'SOS Enquiry'.

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Please indicate the Item number you require on the payment form.

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