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Page last updated: 24 Mar 2019

If you're suffering from specific ToK-related problems with your TOK Essay or Presentation, or even your EE, and need IMMEDIATE assistance, please use our SOS Helpline to help you get better!


Below is a checklist of the kinds of emergency that our students often face and contact us to help resolve.  


Approach 1: You can choose up to THREE of the issues A-H listed below for any specific SOS needs.


Approach 2: you can choose ONE of the issues I-L listed below for your SOS planning help.


Just send us a quick mail with your ToK issues or any other concerns you have and we'll do our very best to see how we can guide you through:


Please check details of how to submit your SOS questions by clicking the 'SOS Submissions'

SOS Emergency Helpline

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Item 4     ToK Emergency Help Service     £35

A     Help with understanding the demands of the question/topic


B     Help with understanding the demands of the question/topic


C     Feedback on your choice of real life examples


D     Help with your introduction


E     Help with your conclusion


F     Feedback on your Bibliography


G     Feedback on your footnotes


H     One question related to a specific paragraph in the script


I      Feedback on the structure/organisation of your work


J      Help with ToK Essay/Presentation plan (up to 500 words)


K     EE Choosing the research topic & planning advice


L     EE Review of essay plan (up to 750 words)