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Page last updated: 24 Mar 2019

Mission Statement

In French 'tuteur' means:


1. a stick placed next to a plant to help it to grow straight.


2. to guide and support another person in various ways in life and learning.


We are here for both of the above purposes with the end of helping you to support and guide yourselves.


Once you learn the right strategies, you will be independent thinkers and have the skills to pass your TOK course, as well the confidence and ability to move on to University study and into the world beyond.


Remember: even a great Philosopher such as Rousseau could not solve the problem of happiness, even after spending all is life on it and writing over 20 volumes on the subject.


So do not expect to be able to solve every problem you come across in TOK - but explore topics with an open mind.


The main thing is to be able to compose your mind when you write an essay and create a presentation and to follow some of these guidelines:


1. Think for yourself

2. Be yourself and avoid trying to please your teachers

3. Believe in yourself and your abilities

4. Free yourself from received ideas

5. Work to your strengths

6. Question everything

7. Be critical without offending

8. Take care about what you say and how you say it

9. Train your mind to be infinitely adaptive

10. Take risks to challenge false beliefs© 2010-19